Worship under Level 5 from December 24th 2020- Diocesan Guidelines

    Worship from 24th December 2020 until reviewed
    by Government on 12th January 2020
    ⬧ With effect from 26th December public worship
    moves on line. Please ensure that no congregation
    is present; please keep the doors locked until after
    Mass. This applies to all Sunday and weekday
    Masses, Anniversary and Month’s Mind Masses.
    Outside speakers should not be used at this time
    as organised outdoor gatherings are not allowed
    at Level 5.
    ⬧ Churches may remain open for private prayer.
    ⬧ Sacraments and devotions: All other ceremonies
    cease for the duration of Level Five including
    Baptism and the Sacrament of Penance. Novenas
    and other devotional practices may take place on
    line only, with no congregation present.
    ⬧ Funerals: With effect from 24th December up to
    10 mourners may attend at a funeral service.
    ⬧ Weddings: Currently, up to 25 guests may attend
    a wedding in church. With effect from Sunday 3rd
    January 2021 the number of guests permitted to
    attend is reduced to 6.
    ⬧ Anointing of the Sick and First Friday Calls:
    Anointing of the sick may take place when invited
    by the family and taking all the necessary
    precautions of hand sanitising, social distancing,
    face covering and anointing with a cotton bud.
    First Friday calls not to take place under Level 5.
    ⬧ Level 5 details are at: www.gov.ie
    Francis Duffy
    Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnois