A priest devotes his life to the service of God. After a period of formation and having been ordained as a priest he works in association with other diocesan priests, deacons and the bishop to continue the work of Christ on earth. The priest participates in the priesthood of Christ, uniting God and humanity. He does this through leading worship, celebrating the Sacraments, and teaching, leading a life centred upon and modelled by the life of Christ.

When a priest offers the holy sacrifice of the Mass, it is Jesus who is central. When he is present at the Sacrament of Reconciliation to absolve sin, it is Jesus who forgives. When he offers love, consolation or support to God’s people, Christ is present with them.

St John Vianney described priesthood as: “The priest continues the work of redemption on earth …”

The life of a priest enables the building of a deep relationship with God through prayer, meditation and the privilege of sharing in the life journey of parishioners and people in the joys and times of trial in day to day life. Commitment, Integrity, and humility are essential values for one aspiring to life as a priest.