Vocations Sunday 12th May Some Resources


Prayer for Vocations

Loving God, You speak to us

and nourish us through the

life of this church community.


Lord, we ask you

to send your Spirit to us so that

men and women among us, young

and old, will respond to your call to

service and leadership in the Church.


We pray, especially, in our day, for

those who hear your invitation to

be a priest, sister, brother, or deacon.


May those who are opening their hearts

and minds to your call be encouraged

and strengthened through our enthusiasm

in your service.



For possible inclusion in the Prayers of Intercession:

  • On this Day of Prayer for Vocations, we pray for a new openness to priestly and religious vocations among all people of our diocese and throughout our country.
  • That all of us develop our ability to listen for the voice of the Lord in our daily lives in a noisy and preoccupied world.
  • For all who are struggling to discover their vocations, may they obtain the support and direction of spiritual guides.
  • For those considering how to apply their talents and abilities as part of God’s plan from our own parish: may they overcome doubt and fear and respond with courage to God’s call.
  • That those called to religious life from our own parish will not let fear of sacrifice or unworthiness deter them from pursuing holiness.
  • That parents may be examples of holiness for their children and encourage them to pray and listen to God’s call, especially in their teenage years.
  • For the deceased clergy and religious who have served our diocese, that the Good Shepherd will welcome them into his Kingdom with open arms.