Synodal Pathway – new Website

New website and social
media presence launched to
support the Synodal Pathway
Catholic Education Partnership seeks new
Chief Executive Officer
The Catholic Education Partnership (CEP) Board of Directors invites
applications for the post of Chief Executive Officer. The CEO will
be responsible for the delivery of the CEP mandate to provide a
unified and authoritative voice for Catholic education in the public
forum and to enhance cohesion and foster connectivity in the
Catholic education sector. For job description and application form
please email [email protected]. Closing date: 4 February 2022.
A new website has been launched
to support engagement with the national
synodal pathway for the Catholic Church
in Ireland

The website provides information about the synodal pathway and the timeline for
the work, as well as making available a variety of resources to support engagement.
Dr Nicola Brady, Chair of the Steering Committee said:
“The initial response to the announcement of the synodal
pathway by the Irish bishops has been very encouraging.
Many people have expressed a desire to learn more
about the concept of synodality and how this might
work in practice in our context. We hope that this website
will be a helpful resource to those who wish to engage with
the process as it develops.”
Welcoming the publication of the website and resources Archbishop Eamon Martin
said: “This website builds on the important work that has begun at diocesan and
national levels, as well as in a variety of other settings, to take up the invitation from
Pope Francis to think about what it means to be a synodal church. I encourage
everyone to use the resources provided to make bring their perspective to this
important work. Bishops are grateful to all those who have contributed thus far to
raising awareness of the synodal pathway and helping us to take the first steps on
this journey.”