Synodal Pathway invitation for submissions

    Initial Submissions Easter to Pentecost 2021

    Before embarking on the Synodal Pathway consultation, between Easter (5 April) and Pentecost (23 May), 2021, bishops are inviting submissions to reflect on what methods (model/s?) to adopt in these coming two years of conversations. For example: focus groups, questionnaires, deep-listening sessions; written submissions; family-focused gatherings; summary of findings of assemblies that have already taken place across dioceses; and/or conferences.

    These submissions, in not more than 300 words, are not yet about the themes for the Synod but rather how to go about this phase of setting up the initial conversations.

    Question: What would be your preferred option for engagement in a conversation process about the Synod?

    Submissions welcome (maximum 300 words)