St. Patrick’s Day Reflection


For many people St. Patrick’s Day is no longer a spiritual or religious occasion, but if we eliminate the religious aspect of this day we remove its very heart and soul. It is akin to leaving Christ out of Christmas. When Patrick came to these shores in the fifth century, he brought a message of hope and liberation to a people who were held in the grip of dark fears and superstitions. Using the shamrock as an illustration brought them the wonderful news

That God is a Father who cares, a Son who walks

with us, a Spirit who guides our steps. That simple message has sustained Irish people in times of prosperity and times of persecution.  Today, then, is a call to Patrick’s children to reconnect with our faith roots; to salute those who, down the years, kept the flame burning, and to renew our commitment to pass-on the torch to the next generation. This is first and foremost a faith festival. Today is about

Preaching the shamrock not drowning it.

‘Dia linn ló ‘gus oíche, ‘s Pádraig Aspal Éireann’.