September 10th 23rd Sunday of the Year


‘If he listens to you, you have won back your brother’


At the dawn of creation, Cain protested that he was

not his brother, Abel’s keeper. His words have been

quoted throughout history to justify turning a blind

eye, not getting involved even when a brother or

sister is taking the wrong path. Jesus says that we are

our brother’s, or sister’s keeper. Love corrects. If love

doesn’t correct, then it is not love, but the correction

must never be done harshly. It should never cause

resentment. Naming and shaming never brings

healing. When someone does something wrong,

we would do well to remember the many things

they did right. When Cardinal Angelo Roncalli, the

future Pope St. John XXIII, was Patriarch of Venice,

he once went to visit a wayward priest whose life was

causing scandal. Having entered the priest’s house the

Cardinal greeted him warmly and then knelt down

and asked the priest if he would hear his confession.

From that moment the priest began to turn his life

around. Correction done with love bears fruit.

Motto of Pope John Paul I: ‘Always seek to say easy

things and to say difficult things in an easy way’.