Safeguarding Newsletter out now in Churches!

    A Safeguarding Message from Bishop Francis When Pope Francis was in Ireland last August, he described the policies and procedures that have been established in Ireland as giving us “a stringent set of norms aimed at ensuring the safety of young persons”. He cited the important role of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Church in Ireland. It was good to have Ms. Teresa Devlin, CEO of the National Board, at our conference in Longford. Her talk traced the history of the Catholic Church’s work over the last quarter of a century, in tackling the horrors of child abuse and ensuring that our Church communities are as safe as possible. Ms Devlin complimented the people who ensure, at the parish level, that our procedures are followed. The members of our Diocesan Safeguarding Committee oversee safeguarding in this diocese. Our diocesan trainers ensure we are up to date with current procedures, our Designated Persons respond swiftly, sensitively and effectively. I thank our Parish Representatives who carry out their important work at local level to ensure standards are high and procedures are followed. Sr. Una is leaving the position of Director of Safeguarding. We thank Sr. Una for the years of excellent service in the interests of safeguarding children in this diocese. +Francis Duffy Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnois