Pattern Day Clonmacnois 2022 September 11th


    Well Pattern Day 2022 started wet, but the doughty “Pobal Ciarán” (Ciaran’s people) came undaunted after a 3 year gap in our Public Pattern.  Some pictures of what transpired along with an adapted pattern day text.


    SEPTEMBER 11th 2022


    OPENING WORDS (2;45pm)

    We welcome you by the Shannon waters to Clonmacnois- the “meadow of the sons of Nois”  and the monastery of St. Ciarán which has stood here since the year 548AD. It’s sometimes called “Seven Churches” and resembled in its day a town as much as a monastery.

    Today as we pray together online & in person,  we walk a Pattern of St. Ciaran.

    This is Pilgrimage- a journey- but one with a difference.

    We accept, invite and welcome one another as fellow pilgrims on the way. A pilgrimage leads us forward to a future filled with hope.

    it invites us to become aware of God’s presence in our midst.

    A pilgrimage calls us to be open to change and to growth- for is said,

    “going on pilgrimage without change of heart brings little reward from God.”

    A pilgrimage is a time of petition

    a time of celebration

    a time of thanksgiving for all that God has done for us.

    We pray that this journey to Clonmacnois may be a time of many “holy encounters” and much growth.



    God of all journeys

    our beginnings and our destiny

    We set out now in pilgrimage.

    We call on Jesus to light our patch.

    We call on Mary to guide us.

    We call on St. Ciaran

    to be our companion along the way.AMEN



    The Station begins at the chapel of St. Ciaran, the oldest building in Clonmacnois. This is the reputed burial place of St. Ciaran, and so it can be called the source and focus of our faith here in the Midlands. We begin

    with the renewal of our baptismal promises. So I invite you to respond “I do” to the following six questions.

    1. Do you believe in God the Father, creator of heaven and earth?
    2. Do you believe in Jesus Christ, his Son, our Saviour and our Lord?
    3. Do you believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of Life?
    4. Do you believe in the Holy Catholic Church, founded by Christ?
    5. Do you believe in the communion of saints and in eternal life.
    6. Do you reject Satan and all his works and all his empty promises?


    This is our faith, the faith of the church, and we are proud to

    profess it in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    [As the Pilgrim Cross moves to the next Station, among the gravestones, we say the First Mystery of Light, reflecting on the Baptism of Jesus.]




    At the Second Station, among the gravestones of Clonmacnois, we remember our ancestors. They came to Pattern days in years and centuries gone by. They handed on the faith to us across the generations. Most of them lived in the vocation of marriage, as fathers and mothers of families. We give  thanks for their lives of faith, hope and love. The  Pilgrim Cross moves among the gravestones to the next station at the Cross of the Scriptures,

    [we pray the Second Mystery of Light, and reflect on the Marriage Feast of Cana. ]





    At the third Station, beside the Cross of the Scripture, we recall the

    holy men and women who have pondered the Scriptures in this holy place over the centuries. We recall their work in the scriptorium and their use of the scriptures for communal and personal prayer. We recall those who carried the message of the scriptures across Europe in the dark ages. We remember Irish missionaries of modern times, and we pray for renewal of missionary spirit in Ireland today, as we pray the Third Mystery of Light, The Proclamation of the Kingdom.




    At the Fourth Station at the round tower on the high ground overlooking the Shannon, we pray especially for the young people of our counry and our world. As we pray the Fourth Mystery of Light, the Transfiguration, we ask that our young people may experience something of the light that shone around Jesus on the holy mountain of the Transfiguration. We pray that they may be able to say, with Peter, James and John “it is good for us to be here.”




    The Pilgrim Cross is now moving towards the fifth and final station here at the Sanctuary and the altar. We recall the places where Mass has been celebrated here in Ireland over the centuries – in great cathedrals and parish churches, in mud-walled penal-day chapels and at Mass rocks, at stations in the homes of the people and in cemeteries among the graves of our dear departed. As Pope St. John Paul II reminded us “For the Irish, it was always the Mass that mattered.


    FIFTH DECADE (Institution of the Eucharist)


    As we come to the end of our prayer, we call on the help of the Saints of Ireland. We respond “Pray for us” after each Saint’s name.


    St. Patrick… pray for us…. St. Brigid… pray for  us…

    Colmcille, Ciaran, Finian, Enda, Mel, Jarlath, Brendan, Eunan, Eugene, MacNissi, Macartan, Felim, Colman, Asicus, Nathy, Muredach, Ita, Attracta, Gobnait, Emer, Lelia, Dympna, Kiearn, Aidan, Conleth, Ailbe, Finbarr, Fachtna, Declan, Flannan, Munchin, Otteran, Malachy, Senan, Comgall, Kevin, Columbanus, Vigilius, Killian, Laurence O’Toole, Oliver Plunkett, Charles of Mt. Argus.

    All the Irish Martyrs, All Saints of Ireland…. Pray for us.




    Most glorious God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit- we thank you for the life of your servant St. Ciaran. By his example of fervent charity towards the poor, m ay we be ever more motivate to seek opportunities to help the downcast and lowly. Through his intercession as a miracle worker, may you grant relief to all the sick and suffering; blessing with hope, all those who despair. may St. Ciarán,  ” a lamp blazing with the light of wisdom.” intercede on our behalf; bringing grace to the faithful and glory to your holy name. Amen



    Prayer to St. Ciarán

    Co-Patron of our Diocese

    Watch over your people,

    Teacher and Friend,

    Help us to see God’s presence

    Prayerful youth,

    Inspire the young

    Pilgrim for God,

    Be with all Missionaries,

    Steep us in Gospel ways,

    Protector and patron,

    Confirm our faith

    So that we may walk anew

    With Christ.