November 29th 2020 FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT Gospel Reflection


 ‘Be on your guard’

Advent is here again and so, another Church year begins. The word Advent means ‘coming’. During this special season of grace we are afforded the opportunity to reflect on the first coming of Christ two thousand years ago; on His second coming at the end of time; on the fact that He will come one day to call each one of us home. In that sense, it is always Advent until our earthly lives have run their course. Advent is a four-week course in waiting. We could say that this entire year has been an advent time, a time of patient waiting. Waiting for guidance; waiting for the news bulletin; waiting for the next lockdown; waiting for a vaccine; waiting for hope. Waiting does not diminish us. It enlarges and deepens us. It makes us more receptive. It brings us beneath the surface of things to what is essential. As we journey through these weeks may we seize the moment to go beneath the surface, to take stock of our lives and act on the command Jesus places before us in today’s Gospel: ‘be on your guard’. One pertinent question should exercise our minds in that regard: If He were to come for me tomorrow, would I be ashamed of what I did today?