May 5th 2024 Sixth Sunday of Easter

‘Love one another as I have loved you’

Love is a much-used word in our world today. It has
become an umbrella term to encompass enjoyment,
fascination and infatuation. It is employed at times to
suggest a way of living that is without responsibility,
without boundaries, without principles. Jesus guides
us in a different direction. The One who was known
as the ‘man for others’ lived a life that was marked by
humble service, selflessness and sacrifice. From country
roads to city streets, from lake shore to mountain top
He revealed a love that was new. It was a love that
manifested itself in hands that healed, feet that walked
the extra mile, eyes that looked with compassion,
ears that listened with empathy, and words that lifted
up and encouraged. It was a love that promoted the
greatest good of all whom He encountered, and
nobody was beyond the reach of that love. It was a love
that led Him to the Cross. We are called to mirror that
love today. It’s a tall order and it will lead us to difficult
places too. It will cause grey hairs and heartbreak,
stressful days and sleepless nights, but, in the end,
joy. The love that Jesus proposes is as simple and as
difficult as that.