May 1st Third Sunday of Easter

Third Sunday of Easter

‘Come and have breakfast’

The word hospitality comes from two Greek words meaning ‘love of strangers’. It is a virtue that is both commanded and commended in Scripture. Hospitality was central in the life of Jesus. We find him regularly acting as host or guest while sitting at table with friends and strangers. It is said of the ministry of Jesus that He is either going to a meal, at a meal or coming from a meal. It was often in the meal setting that He delivered His most profound teaching. If you take the meals out of the Bible it becomes a very short book. Meals are more than food. They are about community, connection, friendship and fellowship. They represent open hearts, open hands and open doors. They are a reminder to us of the generous hospitality of our God. Before we invite people to Church, perhaps we should invite them to dinner! It is no surprise, then, to find that the disciples recognize Jesus in today’s Gospel as He prepares breakfast for them by the shore. We cannot survive in life without food or love Jesus provides us with both in the Eucharist