May 14th Day of Prayer for Humanity

    Day of Prayer for Humanity
    Our world is facing at the moment a great danger
    that threatens the lives of millions of people around
    the world due to the growing spread of the
    coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While we reaffirm
    the role of medicine and scientific research in fighting
    this pandemic, we should not forget to seek refuge in
    God, as we face this severe crisis. Therefore, we call
    upon all peoples around the world to pray according
    to each one’s respective religious convictions, to
    observe fast and to do good deeds to end this
    pandemic. The Higher Committee of Human
    Fraternity proposes Thursday, 14 May 2020 as a day
    of prayers, fasting and works of charity for the good
    of all humanity. Each individual, family or household
    are asked to pray on that date at a time of their own
    choosing for healing and a vaccine to end the virus.