June 19th 2022 Corpus Christi

‘I am the living bread which has come down from heaven’
‘Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the Living Heart of each of our par- ishes’ (St. Paul VI). This is a wonder- filled feast charged with warm memo- ries of colourful processions through streets festooned with papal flags, tri- colours, and all manner of bunting, and lined with little altars, laden with holy pictures, statues and candles in salute to the Sacrament Most Holy. Let us remember with gratitude on this day all those who have preserved this treasure for us through days of persecution and days of prosperity. They have left us a monument more lasting than bronze. Pope Benedict made this appeal to parents on this feast a few years ago: ‘Please go with your children to Church. This is not time lost. Sunday becomes more beautiful, the whole week becomes more beautiful when you go to Sunday Mass together.’ ‘The moment we separate our lives from the Eucharist something breaks’. (Mother Teresa).