Immaculate Conception Reflection

Privileged at birth

Mary is praised with many titles,

Immaculate Conception is one of them,

and often we don’t know their full meaning.

Her names of praise are remembered

because she was the mother of Jesus,

and lived through her life

the love and call of God

in a way that was unusual.

A women of faith who believed

that her son was God when he was dying on the cross;

A woman of trust

who believed in God’s promise to her

even when Jesus seemed the weakest of human beings;

A woman of hope

as she carried her dead Son’s body to the tomb.

And who was not surprised when he appeared to her later,

for she believed that he would rise from death

as God had promised and Jesus had said,

though she might not have known how he would rise.

Mary, girl and woman

of faith which gave her roots,

of hope which gave her courage,

of love which made life worthwhile.

Because of the depth

of her faith and hope,

and the brightness, of love in her soul,

we know that at the moment of birth

she was privileged with grace

and we can say Immaculate Conception.


(Reproduced with thanks from Carrick on Shannon Parish Bulletin)