I will give you another Advocate

In his inaugural address in 1961 President John F. Kennedy announced to his fellow citizens that the torch had been passed to a new generation. As Jesus prepared to return to the home of the Father He left the same message with His disciples. It would be their task to continue His work and carry His Word to the ends of the earth. He reassures them, however, that He is not abandoning them. He will send the Spirit whom He describes as the Paraclete. The word Paraclete means advocate or helper, one who stands beside you in time of difficulty, providing a comforting, supportive and encouraging presence. What Jesus is really saying to the disciples in this, His final address is: ‘I am sending you on a difficult and dangerous mission but you will not be alone. I will send you someone who will guide you as to what to do and enable you to do it’. Jesus continues to walk with and guide His Church through the working of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit will always point people to finish the work of Jesus but He does not gate-crash any person’s heart. He waits to be welcomed-in and there is only one person who can open the door. If we do open ourselves to His promptings we can, through His power renew the face of the earth. The torch is passed!