Gospel Reflection January 17th 2021


‘What are you looking for’?

‘What are you looking for’? These are the first recorded words of Jesus in St. John’s Gospel as He addresses His new disciples. It is the most fundamental question in life. One could say that the rest of the Gospel contains a series of responses to that question. For those seeking nourishment for the soul Jesus says ‘I am the bread of life’. For the many longing for hope in the darkness that surrounds us, Jesus says ‘I am the light of the world’. For those searching for a meaningful authentic way to live Jesus says ‘I am the Way’. For all who crave truth in a world of ‘fake news’ Jesus says ‘I am the Truth’. For the young and old of every nation who need reassurance in the face of death Jesus says ‘I am the resurrection and the life’. Having posed the question, Jesus invites the disciples to ‘come and see’. By spending time with Him, they not only came to see who He was, but they came to see who they could be. Having begun as seekers they moved to being followers and ended as disciples. If we want to go beneath the surface of our lives and find the answers to our deepest questions, we must spend time in His presence. He alone is the answer. If He is not the answer, there is no answer, but we must ‘come and see’.