Gospel Reflection : Fourth Sunday of Lent – I can See



The Lenten gospels have common threads running through them. We heard about the disciples on Mount Tabor; the woman at the well; the blind man on the road. In all these cases Jesus takes the initiative; the encounter occurs in the solitude; people are changed. Today the blind man is healed but Jesus does much more than heal the man’s blindness. He takes him on a journey from darkness through sight to insight. He enables him to see with the ‘eyes of the heart’. As the story unfolds the blind man moves from referring to Jesus as a man to recognising him as a prophet to finally worshipping Him as Lord. In the end he comes to understand who Jesus is. The best vision is insight. In these strange and challenging days could our God be leading us from sight to insight? Is He asking us to think again; to listen again; to see with the eyes of the heart? Might He be calling on our world to make different choices; to walk different paths? Perhaps He is reminding us that life is very fragile, that we are indeed our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, that we are not masters of time, and, above all, that He alone is the Way the Truth&the Life.‘We are stewards, not masters of the earth’. (Pope Francis).