Feast of the Holy Family Sunday, 30th December 2018

Sunday 30 December 2018

The Holy Family 

The story of our life.

A New Year is perfect time for reflection. In the not too distant past many people kept personal diaries which stayed “personal”- now we seem to just express thoughts publicly not privately on social media! But whether we record it or not, all year long, we store up our experiences. This turning point of a year is a good time to reflect on them in prayer. To look back on the year just ending and ask of yourself. What are you proud of? What are you sorry for? How did you encounter the Lord anew? How did you allow yourself to be changed – or how did you block change for yourself or others, for better and for worse?

It’s also a hinge-point weekend. A door will open into a New Year.

As we look to the new year we might ask ourselves- what do we need? What do we hope for? What do we need to work on? It’s not just about physique but also our psyche, not about slendering what is there physically but tending to our very spirit. Every year we need to reflect on how we can grow in wisdom and stature and favour with God and people as today’s Gospel puts it.

Even if you’ve had your fill of end-of-the-year lists you could ask yourself a few questions to help make your own list.

-What was the happiest story of your life in the past year?

-What was the most spiritual story in your life in 2018. When were you most aware of God this past year?

-What was your most selfless story in 2018? How did you sacrifice for others?

  • Any story of peace-making in your family circle this past year? Forgiveness is a 2 way street. Did you extend it AND receive it?
  • Digging deeper- your most selfish story of 2018. Did you prosper at someone else’s expense?
  • We could go on and ask about your saddest/most beautiful/unfinished stories of 2018. None of them will be likely to make the Sunday Papers? but they’re probably a lot more personally helpful.
  • We all have a new year ahead of us, with wonderful new stories and people to add to our personal his or her “story”. I pray that yours will be filled with faith, hope and love for you and all whose paths will cross yours in 2019. Happy New Year!