Easter Sunday – Just a thought

The remarkable victory of Tiger Woods in the
Masters Tournament at Augusta last Sunday has
caught the imagination of sporting and nonsporting people the world over. The achievement
transcends sport. It’s a story of redemption, an
Easter parable, a powerful reminder to all that the
human spirit has the capacity to soar from the
lowest depths to greatest heights. The Creator has
planted within us the seeds of greatness.
Consequently, the light will always conquer the
darkness, and those who stumble on the pathway of
life can rise again and make their way home. We
may be flawed, but we are also ‘graced’, and nobody
should ever be written-off as a lost cause. This
joyful news we proclaim on Easter Day because the
stone has been removed, the tomb is empty, hope
dawns anew, our God reigns. The grave will never
be our permanent address, but rather the halfway
house on the journey home. We are no mere
mortals. An iconic golfing moment unveiled for us
the Easter truth. Alleluia! (Fr. Peter Burke)