Diocesan Assembly 2020 Prayer


I know the plans I have in mind for you. Plans for peace…reserving a future full of hope for you. (Jer 29:11)

Jesus, you are God’s word of hope and

God’s spirit of promise for our time.

Jesus, you promise us your Holy Spirit

to guide us always until the end of time.

Jesus, we pray now as we prepare for our Diocesan Assembly for your spirit of courage, joy and hope.

Jesus, give us your spirit of trust, as you

invite us to walk on the waters of our fears.

Jesus, give us a heart of flesh to hear and to embrace the prayer of hurt, pain, tears and anger of our people.

Jesus, make our Diocesan Family of 41 parishes, a place of joy and laughter where all our children will be safe and free and feel at home.

Jesus, give us a prophetic voice for climate justice and care for our planet, having your passion to mind our beautiful common home

Jesus, may we reflect the face of your Good Shepherd, to bring back the stray, look for the lost and bandage the wounded of our world.

Jesus, help us together, build a church of solidarity with the haunted faces of refugees, the wounded of war, and the voiceless victims of injustice in every land.

Jesus, keep us united as a family of lay and religious, young and old, women and men with Francis our bishop to guide us.

Jesus, together may we reflect your dream of a church as a “Mother Hen” who gathers all under the wings of shelter and protection.

Jesus, we invoke the intercession and protection of all who have gone before us and left us the legacy of their example, inspiration and prayer.

Mary, Mother of Jesus:

St. Ciarán, Abbot of Clonmacnois:

St. Mel, Bishop of Ardagh:

Pray for our Diocesan Family at this time. St. Thérèse, Bláithín, befriend us all. Amen.