Calls for Public Submission for Diocesan Assembly

    Bishop Francis Duffy calls for public submissions on the future of the Church in the Diocese of Ardagh & Clonmacnois

    On 14 September at a meeting with delegates from across the diocese, Bishop Francis Duffy, Bishop of Ardagh & Clonmacnois, launched a listening process in Saint Mel’s College, Longford.  Following the meeting Bishop Duffy initiated a consultation process to elicit views of people in parishes concerning the future of the local Church.

    Bishop Duffy said, “For the listening process to be robust I am now inviting views from parishioners from across the diocese in order to determine what are the most important issues facing the Church in the coming years, and how should we best respond.

    “These views will inform the preparation of a diocesan assembly which will take place in Longford on 9 and 10 May, 2020.  250 delegates – lay people, religious and clergy from across the diocese – will gather to agree on a direction for the diocese for the coming years.  While I do not underestimate the challenges involved I am, nonetheless, looking forward to the process which is already producing energy and positivity from people and priests alike.”

    Bishop Duffy continued, “I am asking interested individuals and groups, whether part of the Church or not, to get involved in the process and make submissions.  I need to hear people’s opinions as to which issues should be a prioritised for the diocesan assembly, and why.”

    Since the September meeting delegates have been engaging in a listening and consultation process in their local areas to identify the priority issues for consideration by the diocesan assembly.  The results from the local areas will be summarised and presented at the next delegate meeting in November.  At that point issues will be identified for discussion at the assembly next May.  Please keep your submission to one page and forward it, before the end of October, to [email protected]