April 2nd Meeting of Diocesan Assembly Delegates

    On Saturday, April 2nd in an online forum, a large gathering was held of parish delegates
    the purpose of the meeting was to explore practical approaches
    to the three pastoral priorities for the upcoming  Assembly of May 14/15th 2022.
    Formation of lay people for mission; 
    Outreach to families; 
    Outreach to young people.
    People from Ardagh and Clonmacnois spoke on Family Ministry, Youth
    Ministry and the Catechetical Training Programme for adults in the diocese while .
    Fr. Gerard Godley (Pastoral Centre, Killarney), Donal Harrington (Dublin), Gemma Mulligan
    (Ossory), and Fr. Eamonn Fitzgibbon (Limerick) described successful initiatives in these
    three areas in their own dioceses.
    Please click on the video link below to be informed on what transpired.  The Assembly Task is also attached in PDF format and is the immediate task asked for parishes and groups to submit.