A Morning Prayer

A Morning Prayer

O Lord, my Father, my Creator, my Friend,

Thank you for this new day.

Thank you for those who love me, and care for me.

Thank you for the wonder of my being,

for the gifts of mind, heart and body.

Thank you for all the good things I enjoy

and the trials that make me strong.

Help me, O Lord,

to make the best of every hour of this day.

Save me from fear, selfishness and greed.

Help me to enjoy the love I receive,

and to share my love with a glad and generous heart.

May no one suffer today because of me;

May no one go hungry today because of my greed;

May no one be lonely because I do not care.

May my heart be open to those who need me.

May I grow in strength, in joy, in love today,

May I seek what is true, noble and pure.

May I begin and end this day in your presence,

and walk through my life secure, for I am never alone.

Thank you Lord, for your love, presence and protection.

Thank you for guarding me as the apple of your eye.