22nd SUNDAY OF THE YEAR August 29th 2021


May be an image of twilight, grass, sky and nature

 “This people honours me only with lip service, while their hearts are far from me”

It’s the heart that matters!  Jesus returned to this theme often in His preaching. It was a revolutionary message at that time. Central to the religion of the day was the strict observance of rules, regulations and rituals, and the avoidance of foods that were ‘unclean’. The Law had become an end in itself. Jesus respected the Law but He despised legalism. He warned against identifying religion with performing external acts. He presented a very different vision, a liberating path, a religion centred on the heart. He directed His listeners to look inwards, reminding them that the heart is the fountain from which all things spring, good or evil. True religion is indeed heart work and the art of authentic Christian living consists in the rhyming of wholesome hearts with worthwhile deeds. If we get the heart right, beautiful deeds will flow. We will reach out to our brothers, sisters and all living things with kindness, tolerance, compassion and respect. May He, who alone can see the ‘inside’ make our hearts all that they were meant to be.

‘I believe that the only true religion is having a good heart’. (Dalai Lama)