15th  SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME “The Sower went out to Sow”


‘The sower went out to sow’

 St. Matthew’s Gospel is known as the ‘Teaching Gospel’ since it contains more of the words of Jesus than the other three. The Parable of the Sower is a case in point. It is one of seven parables contained in chapter thirteen. It’s a story from people’s experience. The fertile land of Galilee was divided into long strips with paths or ‘rights of way’ between each strip, and weeds, thorns and rocks were common. The sower in the parable is God. The seed is His Word. The soil is the human heart. Our hearts can be hard, shallow, crowded or fruitful and we alone can determine what kind of soil our hearts will be. If our hearts and minds are open and attentive, the Word of God can penetrate and take root in us and enable us to view life through His eyes. Then, our kind of loving becomes His kind of loving and we in turn become sowers of the seed. The sower, of course, must be patient. The acorn grows slowly into an oak, but grow it will. Likewise, with regard to the little seeds we sow along the way, nothing is wasted. We never can tell where our influence stops. We pray for open hearts and patient sowing.